How Do We Live in the Moment When there is So Much Pain Happening All Around Us?

April 12, 2018

Today’s world can be challenging enough to those who suffer from emotional and physical illness. Even getting up, dressed, and out of the house can almost seem impossible. Yet today if you are one of the lucky individuals out of harm’s way, such as those who have been rescued from the floods in Houston. Humanity showed its face this weekend by first responders, neighbors and everyday people helping those in the most dire of circumstances. These brave individuals risked their lives to help others. We can look at this response as a light shining through the clouds of despair we have seen from the events of Charlottesville. Dignity and Grace has been restored my friends. Danger still exists and the emergency situation continues. However knowing there is goodness that surrounds us is a blessing.


What should I suggest as a mental health professional? Let me see, do not lose faith, do not slip into despair, take a look around and count your blessings. Take a look around and remember that although life may not be perfect, or even the way we want it to be, we are too given the ability to stay present. Take a few deep breaths and take one step at a time forward to move ahead today. Remind yourself that you are safe today, and know that you can be grateful for the unseen and or unmentioned blessings. Blessings of being alive and able to breathe, to walk, talk, hear, and express yourself. Living in this moment, you can remember that all we have is this moment, this hour, and this day. Why do I say take a deep breath? This is a proven coping skill utilized in meditation. Breathing helps to get back to oneself, developing and a sense of peace and calm. Practicing this breathing skill brings us to the realization that you are in charge of you. There is no need to become immobilized, angry, blaming and self destructive. Those living in the midst of depression and anxiety can take control over being flooded by feelings. Try doing one good thing for yourself or someone else today. Develop an awareness of yourself and your world. Go outside and notice the sunlight, the beauty surrounding you, and learn that there are reasons to be grateful. You are in control of your feelings by expressing them right now. Remind yourselves you can reach out for help today. Make a phone call, setup an appointment with a professional, go to a meeting. How can I just focus on my own feelings and thoughts?


“THE TRUTH IS I CANNOT IGNORE WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY OR ANY DAY. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE THE CIRCUMSTANCES SURROUNDING CHARLOTTESVILLE, OR THE IMPENDING CRISIS AND TRAGEDIES IN TEXAS. All I can do is take a few deep breaths, collect myself and choose to know that I can take one step at a time to move forward in my day. I can look at my day and find ways to advocate against hatred and bigotry. I can remind myself that I am living safely today. Most of all I can be grateful to God, which I know is all powerful, and my higher power. I can take charge of myself, and take one step forward each and every day.

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