If you are suffering from a depressed mood, anxiety, mood swings, trouble coping with every day life stresses, don’t wait another moment. Make an appointment for an evaluation.

"As a nurse practitioner, I believe that each patient needs to be regarded holistically from a psycho-
biological-spiritual perspective. I listen to their psychosocial and spiritual needs. Together with the proper

diagnosis, I work together with each individual to develop the best treatment plan. This includes proper
medications that will alleviate their symptoms and address their current diagnosis. We work together as a
team developing a plan that each individual can adhere to comfortably."--Lisa Sharf


Lisa Sharf’s expertise is in the field of Psycho-Pharmacology, she offers Tele-video online consultations and evaluations via Skype, Google Chat, and similar online services.

Psychiatric Services through various Telepsychiatry settings 
Psychiatry has evolved from the psycho-social science to a neurobiological based science. Today in
the 21st century, we can now see through neuro-imaging exact areas of the brain that are affected by
various conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, and panic disorder to name a few.


Sharf offers the following psychiatric services
•Psychiatric examination and evaluation • Medication evaluation and management • Psycho-educational counseling •Energy Psychology • Psychotherapy • Laboratory testing • 
Telepsychiatry • Mental Health Services  • Integrative Holistic Care • Tele-Behavioral Therapy • Energy Psychology • Nutritional Counseling • Mood Disorders • Women's Issues • Wellness Assessments, and much more. 



Do you experience difficulty calming down or falling asleep at night because your mind is racing due to stress? We will address your current stress levels, provide strategies for managing your stress, guide you through relaxation techniques so you can learn how to better cope with daily stressful situations.


What is counseling? Counseling is collaborative process that involves the development of a confidential professional relationship that focuses on personal problems. People with a wide range of problems and concerns benefit from counseling. Anxiety, depression, relationship problems, difficulties with school or work, and identity questions are some reasons people come to see a counselor. A counseling session is an opportunity to talk to a mental health professional who is a skilled listener trained in the science of human behavior.


I am committed to providing compassionate, highest quality treatment and services to adult patientsfacing mental and emotional challenges. There are many challenges we all face in the 21st as adults. Some may be mental, physical, or emotional. Psychiatric services include developmental consultation and treatment, comprehensive assessment, medication evaluation, management, and ongoing follow up monitoring to help you deal with these challenges.


I use medications to treating mental disorders when necessary. The complexity of this field requires continuous study in order to keep current with new advances. Since the use of these medications is to treat mental disorders, an extensive understanding of basic neuroscience, basic psychopharmacology, clinical medicine, the differential diagnosis of mental disorders, and treatment options is required.


I offer evaluation and treatment for women suffering from mood disorders, with a special emphasis on hormonally-triggered mood disorders, including premenstrual, postpartum, and perimenopausal mood disorders. I treat women with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and intimacy and relationship issues.


Depression is a serious behavioral health illness that can disrupt an individual’s professional, social and physical health. Signs of this common disorder include sleeping too much or too little; loss of interest in activities, friends and family; difficulty concentrating or making decisions; feelings of hopelessness and guilt; and/or preoccupation with death or thoughts of suicide. People who suffer from anxiety find themselves feeling uneasy, fearful and worried about real or perceived threats to their safety or well-being. Symptoms of anxiety include tension, rapid heartbeat, difficulty concentrating or falling asleep and irritability. Fortunately, both depression and anxiety can be treated successfully, with either medication, therapy, or a combination of the two.